Books as instruments of change
  Development of alternative textbooks
Urdu books from India, China and the Soviet Union

When teachers, who were later to found the Bookgroup, started looking for child-friendly and colourful books for using as alternative textbooks in schools, they found Urdu books developed and published in India, China and the Soviet Union (now Russia) available in the Karachi market. To their good fortune, they had found prototypes of books that were to alter once and for all the nature of Urdu literature for children and initiate a new content and approach to teaching of Urdu in schools. The Bookgroup was founded in early 1990. The first title published was Hasan ki Gali, written by Sami Mustafa and Rumana Hussain, and illustrated by Rumana Hussain.

There were three objectives to this initiatives:

(a) developing and publishing colourful Urdu books away from adult preference and sermons, and focusing on children's interest;

(b) books with illustration, design, and printing quality to meet international standards; and

(c) being able to provide these books to children coming from all economic strata. This was possible because all the Bookgroup books have been sponsored by companies and individuals, thus allowing the Bookgroup to have a multi-tiered pricing system.

By July 2012 over 210 colourful titles have been published, mostly in Urdu, but also in Sindhi, English, Pushto and Seraiki.