National Committee on Education
    The National Curriculum 2000: A Conceptual Framework

In 1998, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had formed the National Agenda Board, consisting of eight experts from different sectors to advise his government on policy objectives. Sami Mustafa, Chairman of the Bookgroup, was assigned to make recomendations for improving the education sector. He recomended the establishment of the National Committee on Education (NCE), which was notified early 1999 by the Federal Ministry of Education.

Through consultations with all the four provincial education departments, The National Curriculum 2000 – A Conceptual Framework was approved. This was the first-ever document produced jointly by the National Committee on Education (NCE) and the Federal Ministry of Education, spelling out the objectives of learning, away from some obscure political and ideological compulsions, to modern context of cognitive learning and emotional development.

In the light of The National Curriculum 2000, a textbook for Class 1, Meray Dost was published by the Bookgroup. Just as The National Curriculum 2000 was to begin implementing changes in a selected number of schools in the provinces, General Pervez Musharraf seized power in October 1999, and the document was put away in cold storage.