exploring new frontiers
    In 2003 the book, The Mountain that Loved a Bird, written by Alice McLerran, was first published in English by Picture Book Studio in the United States. The author gave permission to the Bookgroup to publish it in Pakistan. Translated by Amra Alam and illustrated by Adeel-uz-Zafar, the book was published in Pakistan as Pahar Jisay Chirya Achhi Lagti Thi.

In 2004, another of Alice’s books, Roxa Boxan, was published in English by Lathrop, Lee and Shepard in the United States. The right to translate and print this story in Urdu by the Bookgroup was given by the author. The story was translated by Amra Alam, illustrated by Naila Ahmed and published as Roxa Boxan.

In 2006, The Mouse with Seven Tails, written by Bapsi Sidhwa and published in English by Pratham Books, was translated and published in Pakistan by the Bookgroup as Saat Dum Wali Choohiya.

In 2011, in collaboration with St. John’s School, Houston, Texas, the first bilingual book, Biloongra, was published in English and Urdu. It is written by Alezeh Rauf and Asad Mian, translated by Haaniya Rashdi and illustrated by Mahreen Zuberi.

Lady Ines Roberts, an accomplished photographer and a nature-lover, gave the Bookgroup permission to reprint her book, The Year of the Quail, first published in the United States, as well as to publish its Urdu edition. The Pakistani edition of The Year of the Quail and the Urdu translation, Ines Roberts ki Diary, were published in 2012.

We are very grateful to Alice McLerran, Bapsi Sidhwa, Alizeh Rauf and Asad Mian, and to Lady Ines Roberts for giving Bookgroup permission to translate and print their books in Pakistan.